One of the most important issues in medium and large corporations is the structuring of these corporations and companies in the most efficient way.
Many aspects are involved in the structuring of a corporation and these include tax structuring, voting rights structuring, financing structuring, business structuring, reporting between companies…
We help our clients in transactions related to the structure of the business such as refinancings, recapitalizations, and spinning-off of businesses.
Our long history in dealing with corporations in Lebanon and abroad conferred us the expertise to advise clients on their optimal structuring. Also, our expertise in the courts allows us to be able to foresee the potential problems which may arise from a certain structure between the partners, shareholders, managers, CEOs and chairmen and the companies. Our deep understanding of finance and taxation allow us to claim that we can give you the most efficient restructuring of your company (ies) and create a tailored structure which would suit the needs of your business perfectly.