Strong knowledge in finance and financial laws is one of the cornerstones of our practice. We can help you uncover the best type of financial instrument adapted to your need. Our focus on finance allows us to explain to financiers the legal and practical consequences of each structure.
We have assisted several banks and financial institutions in their incorporation under Lebanese laws and in their day-to-day legal work. Our partners have worked on different complex financial transactions including securitizations. We have advised investors for acquisitions of financial institutions and have accumulated a wide experience in financial law. Our experience includes issuing bonds, preferred shares and different types of financial instruments. We have accumulated a wide experience in structured finance, asset management, and especially securitization, over the years.
Securitization is a niche market in which our law office has specialized offering the best legal advice for the structuring and the closing of such transaction and the delivery of all necessary documents pertaining to such transaction.
Our deep understanding of finance and expertise in financial law as well as the financial qualifications of our lawyers allow us to better communicate with financiers, from investors, to financial institutions to banks, understand their needs and deliver the best legal documentation for every transaction including the issuance and trade of Global Depositary Receipts, Asset Backed Securities, Mortgage Backed Securities, Swaps, Options, Futures, Credit Default Swaps, Forwards, Collaterized Debt Obligations, and all types of financial instruments and to assist them in every step and clarify their financial decision and its impact, with respect to existing applicable laws.