Corporate and Commercial

Every business needs a legal framework to operate within. We, at NOUJAIM law office, provide all kinds of legal services which would help you start or operate your business.

Banking and Finance

Strong knowledge in finance and financial laws is one of the cornerstones of our practice. We can help you uncover the best type of financial instrument adapted to your need. Our focus on finance allows us to explain to financiers the legal and practical consequences of each structure. We have assisted several banks and financial […]


Franchising has been set as a trend due to the development of intellectual property and the weight of brands in today’s world. By keeping up with the progress of the world of business, our office has developed a solid practice in franchising and commercial representations fields. We have been working on many cases of franchising […]


One of the most important issues in medium and large corporations is the structuring of these corporations and companies in the most efficient way. Many aspects are involved in the structuring of a corporation and these include tax structuring, voting rights structuring, financing structuring, business structuring, reporting between companies… We help our clients in transactions […]

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our law office has extensive experience in structuring and closing deals of mergers and acquisitions. NOUJAIM law office has successfully structured a large number of mergers and acquisitions pertaining to different industries. We draft all legal documentation needed from the inception to the closing of the deal such as: the letter of intent, the M&A […]

Arbitration and ADR

Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) are becoming the haven of companies and individuals who need a specialized tribunal for their potential disputes, a rapid way to solve them and confidentiality in the solutions which is provided by the arbitral tribunals. We have been regularly appointed as arbitrators in many arbitration cases. We have also […]

Capital Markets

Capital markets are an integral part of the world’s financial markets. Financial institutions, corporations and companies managing credit risk and liquidity find in the investment in capital markets a very important tool. Our lawyers have the needed abilities to help our clients through all phases of transactions in the capital markets advising them from the […]


Taxes are generally perceived as an impediment to the growth and development of businesses. We, at NOUJAIM law office can offer the most tax efficient structure suitable for your business, based on a deep knowledge of the functioning of companies and businesses and of the Lebanese and foreign tax systems. We partner with different audit […]


Litigation is at the core of NOUJAIM law office practice and we have been known for our excellent representation of our clients before Lebanese and foreign courts. Our expertise in this are extends to all areas of Lebanese laws especially with respect to penal law, civil law, commercial law, real estate law, tenancy law, bankruptcy […]

Intellectual Property and Patents

Intellectual property and patents are becoming more and more valued in businesses and companies nowadays. We can help you protect your intellectual property rights as well as your patents and ensure the protection of such intellectual property, whether by registering it or by suing anyone violating your intellectual property right or patent.

International and E-commerce

New technologies are creating new ways to develop businesses and companies but also generate new types of conflicts in societies. In our thrive for satisfying our wide range of clients, NOUJAIM law office sends its lawyers to attend different seminars and conferences on new technologies and especially related to the internet. Our lawyers have therefore […]

Labor, Employment and Social Security

As legal advisors of Lebanese and foreign companies, we have accumulated a solid expertise in matters related to labor, employments and social security law. Alongside drafting employment contract, we handled many cases of conflicts between companies and employees. As a law office strongly based on relationships of trust and confidence with our clients, we have […]

Real Estate and Construction

Our law office has developed a solid expertise in matters related to real estate and construction laws. We have drafted sale and purchasing contracts of real estate as well as contracts related to construction of sites and buildings, in Lebanon, Europe and the Arab countries. Such contracts include the drafting of agreements according to FIDIC […]

Personal Status

We have developed a strong understanding of personal status laws in Lebanon by handling complex cases of divorce under Lebanese, European and American laws before the Lebanese civil courts as well as divorce cases before religious courts. We have also successfully handled several cases of opening successions and inventory legacies before Lebanese courts and public […]

Penal Law

NOUJAIM Law Office has dealt with innumerable cases of penal law. Through our deep experience and countless successes before courts in lawsuits with respect to penal law, our law office has earned to be one of the best practices of penal law in Lebanon. We handled successfully cases related to fraud, theft, assault, defamation, perjury, […]

Administrative law

Our administrative law experience is focused on three main areas: personal statute, expropriation and requisition, and litigation. We have helped numerous clients change the mentions of their civil extract. We have also acted on behalf of clients in matters related to expropriation and requisition of land by the government claiming and getting compensation for our […]

NGO’s and Charitable Organizations

NOUJAIM law office believes and encourages the work of the civil society in Lebanon which aims at developing numerous virtues of individuals living in the Lebanese society. Therefore we have helped establishing NGOs and charitable organization under Lebanese laws, and helped them dealing with Lebanese public administration along with drafting all the necessary legal paperwork […]