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We Are Effective in Such Areas of Practices.
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Our lawyers are highly skilled and accessible. Our size enables our Partners to give personal attention to every matter.When you call, we ensure you speak to a lawyer for preliminary advice.

Corporate and Commercial
Every business needs a legal framework to operate within. We, at NOUJAIM law office, provide all kinds of legal services which would help you start or operate your business. Our expertise includes the incorporation of, and the day-to-day legal advice and contracts for, all legal entities and companies under Lebanese and foreign laws. NOUJAIM law office can assist you in incorporating and running: Joint-stock companies (Société Anonyme), Limited liability partnerships (Société à Responsabilité Limitée), Holding companies, Off-shore companies, Joint-ventures, General partnerships (Société en Nom Collectif), Partnerships limited by shares (Société en Commandite par Actions), Limited partnerships (Société en Commandite Simple), Businesses (Fonds de Commerce). Our services include the negotiation, structure and draft of the legal documentation needed by companies and individuals to establish and carry on their businesses: the draft of all the by-laws, articles of incorporation, articles of association, minutes of the meetings of the shareholders/partners, commercial circulars, and all other legal papers needed by the companies and individuals; in addition to all contracts dictated by the business activities of our clients; companies and individuals alike.

Banking and Finance
Strong knowledge in finance and financial laws is one of the cornerstones of our practice. We can help you uncover the best type of financial instrument adapted to your need. Our focus on finance allows us to explain to financiers the legal and practical consequences of each structure. We have assisted several banks and financial institutions in their incorporation under Lebanese laws and in their day-to-day legal work. Our partners have worked on different complex financial transactions including securitizations. We have advised investors for acquisitions of financial institutions and have accumulated a wide experience in financial law. Our experience includes issuing bonds, preferred shares and different types of financial instruments. We have accumulated a wide experience in structured finance, asset management, and especially securitization, over the years. Securitization is a niche market in which our law office has specialized offering the best legal advice for the structuring and the closing of such transaction and the delivery of all necessary documents pertaining to such transaction. Our deep understanding of finance and expertise in financial law as well as the financial qualifications of our lawyers allow us to better communicate with financiers, from investors, to financial institutions to banks, understand their needs and deliver the best legal documentation for every transaction including the issuance and trade of Global Depositary Receipts, Asset Backed Securities, Mortgage Backed Securities, Swaps, Options, Futures, Credit Default Swaps, Forwards, Collaterized Debt Obligations, and all types of financial instruments and to assist them in every step and clarify their financial decision and its impact, with respect to existing applicable laws.

Franchising has been set as a trend due to the development of intellectual property and the weight of brands in today’s world. By keeping up with the progress of the world of business, our office has developed a solid practice in franchising and commercial representations fields. We have been working on many cases of franchising agreements whether representing the franchisor or the franchisee. Our deep understanding of the importance of many areas covered by the franchising agreements allowed us to draft tailor-made contracts to the needs of our clients. Our experience in commercial and business law fields permitted us to advise our Lebanese and international clients the best solutions in different cases related to franchising agreements. We have acquired also a strong litigation experience related to franchising and commercial representation cases due to the successful handling of many lawsuits before Lebanese courts, whether representing the franchisee or the franchiser.

One of the most important issues in medium and large corporations is the structuring of these corporations and companies in the most efficient way. Many aspects are involved in the structuring of a corporation and these include tax structuring, voting rights structuring, financing structuring, business structuring, reporting between companies… We help our clients in transactions related to the structure of the business such as refinancings, recapitalizations, and spinning-off of businesses. Our long history in dealing with corporations in Lebanon and abroad conferred us the expertise to advise clients on their optimal structuring. Also, our expertise in the courts allows us to be able to foresee the potential problems which may arise from a certain structure between the partners, shareholders, managers, CEOs and chairmen and the companies. Our deep understanding of finance and taxation allow us to claim that we can give you the most efficient restructuring of your company (ies) and create a tailored structure which would suit the needs of your business perfectly.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Our law office has extensive experience in structuring and closing deals of mergers and acquisitions. NOUJAIM law office has successfully structured a large number of mergers and acquisitions pertaining to different industries. We draft all legal documentation needed from the inception to the closing of the deal such as: the letter of intent, the M&A agreement, the transfer of management, the legal due diligence, transition service agreements and the confidentiality agreements for the acquirer and the target. The negotiation skills of our lawyers and our thorough due diligences allowed us to get the best deals for our clients in both mergers and acquisitions.

Arbitration and ADR
Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) are becoming the haven of companies and individuals who need a specialized tribunal for their potential disputes, a rapid way to solve them and confidentiality in the solutions which is provided by the arbitral tribunals. We have been regularly appointed as arbitrators in many arbitration cases. We have also acted in representation of clients in different cases before arbitrators. We collaborate habitually with specialized lawyers in arbitration cases to grant our clients the best legal representation in such cases.

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Our lawyers are highly skilled and accessible. Our size enables our Partners to give personal attention to every matter.When you call, we ensure you speak to a lawyer for preliminary advice.